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Top 5 Asian Drama That Will Always Be In My Heart —

so i have watch most likely alot of asian drama and i can only say there’s not much drama that got me so hard that i will still remember. most of the drama that i love is old or recent but some of it will change except the top 2.

Top 5 : Reply 1997 - this show is literally the me , I’m so addicted to my infinite boy band group and to my ideal bias kim myungsoo that i could relate to the main character the only thing I’m not as in connected to her is love. Ive experience being broken heart by someone but not because were childhood friends.

Top 4 : I Hear Your Voice - i don’t know about you but this drama is ridiculously perfect , i learn so many new things about law now and then after watching this drama life’s path what leads it into and each characters faith and its story , like im so blown by how the director indeed work its way to this amazing plot.

Top 3 : Secret Garden - oh don’t tell me you didn’t like it because Ha Ji Won was simply amazing in this drama , i define it BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT. i love her acting which made me cry into pieces and Woo Bin there such a hella perfect couple. this drama was like a sugar cube to me , it made it all so sweet i couldn’t handle the cheesiness .

Top 2 : Save the Last Dance For Me - this is a very old drama that keep me with lots of nostalgia , of all Ji Sung leading lady in his drama Eugene and him had the best chemistry ever. and because i feel so sorry that Lee Bo Young i didn’t recognize her i really did feel bad. anyways yeah this is the first kdrama that made me and my mom cried for the whole time this aired. like my mom loved ji sung and eugene so much she still could remember her first and last drama she have ever watch of korean stuff. 

Top 1 : Meteor Garden - the one and only original of boys over flowers and hana yori dango yes guys i love the oldest of them all. this was y first taiwan drama ive ever watch and i freaking love it . i actually miss the team couple though jerry yan and barbie hsu like they were perfect to me back in 2001 or 2000 i think i can’t remember now because its really that long. i wish they could film again with another drama , like i miss this orginal f4 so badly.